Best Monitors for Rock N' Roll under $2500

I'm looking for some suggestions for a great pair of monitors that work great with POP & ROCK music.

Here's my equipment:
Rotel 1080 amp
Rotel 1090 preamp
MMF-5 turntable
Rotel 1055 cd
Signal Cable power cords and interconnects
Anti-cable speaker wire
Richard Gray 600S

I'm currently using Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE's. They sound fantastic with Jazz, Vocals, acoustic music but not the sound I'm looking for to handle my everyday listening; lots of New Wave, Punk, Classic Rock. Can anyone help?

Brands I'm considering:
Paradigm Signature series
JM Labs Electra 907 BE, 906
PSB Platinum 2's
Dnyaudio Contour 1.3SE

If you haven't heard the new Platinum
M2's their really good PSB has really entered the world of audiofile speakers with this line, not only do these look fantastic but sound awsome!

I recommend them for anyone shopping under $2500. least that's what you said 3 months ago.
You really do need to check the Green Mountains out, all the hype is dead on accurate!
Boy. Hands down for rock and louder volumes the Reference 3A mm de Capo's. I used to have some wild Holloween parties with the de Capo's used them rather then larger floor standers because they can go loud and handle the power. You can blast away with 30 watts and up. I once had them rocking with the Atma-Sphere MA-1's 140 watts and we just dumped all of that into those guys. People would start dancing. These are classics. Huge sound stage and imaging plus more then enough base for all but organ lovers. Good review of them in the Oct/Nove 2001 TAS. Aaron Shatzman tells about a bunch of musiscans at his house when he cranked them up to Mahler and startled every one in the house.

I listen to similar music through my Alon Petites. Check out their new monitors.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA