Best monoblock amps for $2000 used

Thinking about going the monoblock amp way. I would like to purchase a used pair
with a budget of $2000. Any suggestions. My preamp will be a Jolida fusion.

Unless you have a specific reason for 2 amps, I highly recommend a LSA Voyager GaN 350 which is dual mono in one chassis. They come up FS occasionally

Another shameless plug for Odyssey!!

Have a Kismet amp and will never part with it!!

Call him in Klaus in the evening ....

I came across Classe a lot, never heard them but all the reviews I have read were very positive. As I am experimenting, tweaking, I came to believe that a tube + SS combination may be best for my ears and monoblocks is the way to go. (Tube pre mono SS) One can only dream :) 

+1 Odyssey amps- an very rare sonic bargain 

The Jolita tube pre plus a SS amp may prove satisfying 

Yepper on Odyssey. I sold my top of the line Kismet monos a year ago and still kicking myself in the ass. Try to score a pair in the Stratos cases. You can do more upgrades than in the Khartago cases. As good as they are re-sale is very affordable. Make sure you insure the shipment. Klaus’s boxes are not his strong suit.