Best movie for subwoofer test ?

What is the best movie or movies to test subwoofer.
thank you.
The opening song intro for "The Inside Man" is a great sub demo. There is bass there that a lot of people would never even hear without a great sub.
the new Jolie flick Wanted has some great LFE

as does Hellboy II
and Kill Bill I & II

and the Police Certified has great low end
Best demo disc for sub-woofer is Live Free or Die hard. When I play this, guests ask me if I have something wired to vibrate the couch. I do not -- it is the subwoofer shaking the room. The great thing about this soundtrack is that there are rapid fire bursts that really demonstrate the capability of a quick and articulate sub-woofer. It'll have your shirt flapping!

I'm not a fan of the Police: Certifiable. Yes, it does have lo end for your sub-woofer, but it is the dull thump kind, not well articulated bass.
The Dark Night - has a continuous bass growl. Check it out you will not be disappointed. Well at least from the sub test.
The Dark Knight , the whole room vibrated through half the move seemed like.