Best Movie Soundtrack

I own a few soundtracks (At first sight, message in a bottle and Amadeus)and would like to know what other soundtracks might be good ones as well
Again, I'm mostly disappointed by soundtrack albums....didn't care for the cheesy dialogue clips on Gladiator. Also, I don't think that the music has any soul on it's was written for the movie it sounds like.

One movie soundtrack that I do love is The Mission. I also liked the soundtrack from Schindler's List. I remember that Platoon had a good one as well Those have to be the best to my feeble knowledge.
i picked up this cd (the remastered version) based on a recommendation in "ultimate audio". i was blown away with the quality of the music. relaxed, yet detailed, it made me want to listen to the songs over and over, even though some of these songs i've heard so many times i've almost become immune to their brillance. it makes me want to tell the people repsonsible for this gem to just go off and finish remastering the whole beatles catalog. i'd buy every single cd if they did. great, great stuff.
I agree with many of the past. Here are some more good ones:
"Rushmore" -- an eclectic combination of original score and compilation (mixed sound quality too -- the original score is high quality)
"Until the End of the World" -- Wim Wenders film w/ original songs by U2 and others
"Groove" (if you like rave music)
"Pulp Fiction" -- just a compilation, but it's so good that I can't believe nobody's mentioned it
"Mo Better Blues" -- Catchy jazz (it's definitely not Miles, but it's pretty good)