Best movie to see what your HT AUDIO will do.

I recently watched U571 in blu ray and have to say, wow! I had't seen this movie since I made several substantial upgrades and it knocked me out. It struck me because I've been watching a lot of movies recently that are full of sci-fi type effects,The Avengers, Iron Man 1,2,3 Star Trek, etc. Hey, I like action movies. The new Superman audio was very good and the newest Die Hard audio was good as well. Maybe U571 struck me because it was more potentially real sounds versus a planet exploding, etc.

What movie do you put in, old or new that makes you still say WOW! about the audio portion of the movie?
As far as scenes go, Flight of the Phoenix, sandstorm/plane crash scene, is my LFE demo clip every time.

Entire movies, hard to argue with Transformers series.

Depends on what you want to show off. If it's sheer thrust of the LFE and subwoofer, then U571 is a classic with the depth charges. Super 8—the train wreck scene is another great demo for that. An unheralded dark horse is the Tom Cruise war of the worlds. My goodness, the bass there is earth shattering (no pun intended).

For nuances and surround effects, A agree with Transformers and will add the Star Wars movies, Lord of the Rings, and the Marvel movies like Avengers, Thor, and Iron Man. Surprisingly, Avengers isn't an LFE demo-worthy movie like the others. Some scenes in Thor—like the throne room and Ice Giants battle scenes are great.

And last but not least, don't forget the home theater classic demo—The Fifth Element.

There's lots to enjoy :-)
I like Blackhawk Down. The only thing missing is the wind from the chopper blaades bowling me over.
I would add any of the Pirates of the Caribbean, all are amazingly well done sonically.
James Bond's "Goldeneye" had some terrific, big screen visuals and IIRC some dramatic audio as well. And, it's a Bond flick!