Best music in 2023

H.C. McEntire "Every Acre"


Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time (Steven Wilson Remix)

"This Atomhenge label edition marks the first time Steven Wilson’s stunning stereo mix has appeared on vinyl."

Release date is 6/30/23

2023 has been a great year for my tastes so far!

I see people only listing 1 album, but for me, in the genres and subgenres I listen to, there have been many more than just 1 release that I'd consider the best of 2023.

This will be all new music, no reissues


Dominic Miller - Vagabond / Great acoustic guitar lead quartet on the ECM label,

Amoeba Split - Quiet Euphoria / This is killer modern jazz-fusion, with some Canterbury prog

Bob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra - Lightning Dreamers / A bit of Sun Ra, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, electric Miles, add up to some pretty original sounding progressive jazz.

Wadada Leo Smith - Fire Illuminations / At times this sounds a bit like Bitches Brew, at least in spirit. 

Organic Pulse Ensemble -  A Thousand Hands / Swedish band, with a  modern take on 'spiritual' jazz. Some really world class musicianship on this.

The Heavy Hitters - S/T /  Some of the best of the current NY scene, team up for this straight ahead post-bop recording. Recorded in Rudy Van Gelders studio.

Janel Leppin / Ensemble Volcanic Ash / Great chamber-jazz ensemble. Very creative.


Eyeless Owl - Murmurations / Complex prog and math-rock. Sometimes it crosses into chamber-prog territory.

Zopp - Dominion / Very good Canterbury style prog from England (Soft Machine, National Health, etc)
Manna/Mirage - Autobiographie / Another Canterbury style band, this time from the US. Not quite as good as their 2021 release, Man Out of Time, but that's not a huge knock on them, since this is still killer.

Free Human Zoo - The Mysterious Island / Extremely good Zeuhl style prog (Magma influenced) from France. Amazing musicianship by all members. 

Billie Bottle's Temple of Shibboleth - S/T / Hard to classify. Jazz, prog, avant-garde, with some pop sensibilities. Quite unique.