Best Music Review Channels 

Best Music Review Channels 

► All Genre 

• Brad Taste In Music Quirky Brad roasts bad music 
• George Collier Clips of amazing vocal and instrumental moments – typically from live performances 
• Jarred Jermaine Jarred showcases origins of viral music; compares remakes to originals 
• Music Or Lose It Reviews of current and older songs and music videos 
• Not Real Music “Reviews and reactions on the latest songs and albums”
• Professor Skye's Record Review “French Professor who reviews new music”
• Roomie Official Music quizzes and rankings 
• Spectrum Pulse Album reviews 
• The Needle Drop Album reviews

► Country 

• Grady Smith Commentaries on country music trends and artists 

► Rap / Hip-Hop 

• Blacky Speakz Commentaries on rap music trends and artists
• Dead End Hip Hop Discussion of rap music
• inteNsifyCharts Commentaries on rap music trends and artists

► Rock 

• ARTV Commentaries on rock music trends and artists
• Justin Hawkins Rides Again Commentaries on rock music songs and news 
• Michael Noland: The Bottom Line Commentaries on classic rock
• Notes Reviews “Reviewing new and old music with an emphasis on progressive rock”
• Professor of Rock Storytelling on famous rock hits; interviews 
• Rick Beato Music education; interviews; commentaries on rock music trends and artists