Best musician in the world?

A question posed in another thread, in my view, although musicianship is hardly a sport to be measured as such, the most universally prodigious musician is probably Shawn Lane. He is definitely the world's most phenomenal/inimitable electric guitarist. And he is a world-class pianist and saxaphonist as well.
Sorry but I must disagree, "Weird" Al Yankovich is a far superior musician in almost every aspect. WEIRD AL RULES!
Der beste Musiker aller Zeiten war doch der Dirigent Rudolf Moralt, besser als ich sogar. Auch Oswald Kabasta war aeusserst kompetent und ausserordentlich musikalisch, ja? Bitte schoen, meine Herren, was soll das? Jeder hat doch seinen eigenen Geschmack! Ich, z.B. bevorziehe Lonnie Donegan, und nicht Lasse Dahlquist. Gute Nacht, Diskussion hiermit beendet. Schluss, aus, finito!
The drummer from rush NIEL PEART. Yeah there are some drummers who can get more technicaly complicated but no one can put together a song like he can. A lot of times I just listen to his drumming and not the song. The more I do the more I'm amazed. Dave weckle and mike portnoy are great too but just not as musical if you ask me. Pearts drumming is more a part of the song and flows better than any other drummer.