Best musician in the world?

A question posed in another thread, in my view, although musicianship is hardly a sport to be measured as such, the most universally prodigious musician is probably Shawn Lane. He is definitely the world's most phenomenal/inimitable electric guitarist. And he is a world-class pianist and saxaphonist as well.
Right, good question Gino. But, I'll offer my opinion. Miles Davis. To me, he's like Tiger Woods. Everyone else(and there are a LOT of great ones) is just playing for second place. Just spend a weekend with KIND OF BLUE. At first, maybe not that impressive. But after that weekend, for many of us, it may spend the rest of your life at the top of your pile(next to your turntable, CD player, etc.).
I can't disagree with any of the suggestions. However, I cannot resist the temptation to cast one more vote for Victor Wooten. Yea, his solo album can shade a bit towards the corny form time to time, but he hasn't been voted the best bass player alive for the past five-or-so years in a row for nothing (by Bass Player magazine? I forget). Actually had the pleasure of running into him at the New Orleans Jazz fest this year and there's no denying it, he's the man.
Trelja, Davis (in his many iterations) is always at the top of our jazz stack; add Burrell, Webster, Coltrane, Montgomery, etc., etc., and we're just looking at jazz. So much music, so little time. Good listening!
Gino, You certainly know what you're talking about! Love your philosophy. Here's another good one, Sonny Rollins. Blue Note recordings are great. Or a real sleeper... The soundtrack to the movie Aflie. This piece is absolute gold. Happy listening