Best Neil Young Vinyl Recordings

Tough to find.



I have Landing on Water on Quiex vinyl. Sounds great and it was recorded with the drummer up front in the mix.

The mix reminds me of The POLICE album Ghost In The Machine where Stewart Copland is up front in the mix.

When Neil was with Geffen the promo albums were recorded on Quiex vinyl. I have Trans,Old Ways,Neil Young and The Shocking Pinks and Landing on Water on Quiex.

Neil’s output is consistently good-to-great from a sound stand point. He’s long been committed to capturing the best sound possible and it shows. So, it’s hard to go wrong whether you get originals, remasters, or new ones.

I’ll throw out a few: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (remastered), Tonight’s The Night (original/early first); Barn (new). When it comes to originals/firsts you’re always taking a chance even if it’s near mint. You just never know. But they can be incredibly good—if you clean them (the more the better). 

If you like his stuff, then it’s definitely worth digging into his discography. 

I have been listening to Mirrorball lately. The record Neil recorded with Pearl Jam as his backing band. No hits, but a very solid record nonetheless. Neil gels real nicely with PJ's rhythm section.