Best new amp under $2k?

After reading a spirited review of McCormack's DNA-125 and Belles Hotrod 150A in December's Stereophile I am interested in what you think is the best in this category. The biggest attraction to this class of amp (under $2k) is the value everyone seems to talk about. You know, 80-90% of the performance of the big boys at a third of the cost. Any and all thoughts are welcome.
ok, dtwomey - here's a shameless plug: how about my electrocompaniet aw100? all the detail of good solid-state, w/all the warmth of tubes! adwertised rite here on audiogon for $995 obo! ;~)

seriously, i tink electro amps are wery nice - only reason i'm selling mine is it's not bridgeable, & i want a bridgeable wersion to match up w/my aw75.

regards, doug

I've been very pleased with the performance, power, reliability and revealing sound of the Muse 160 mkII. I believe it's $1900 list.
I just listened to the Marsh amp(200 watt) and it is a Killer amp. 3d in a big way, smooth, detailed, great soundstaging. All this for under 2k. If you get a chance this is a must listen.
The Rogue is a good choice.I had one for about 6 months very special in Triode.My speakers are 92 db and i was able to play as loud as i would ever want.90+ dB with no effort. I switched to the Rogue 120 Monoblocks.You can get them used 1700/1800.If you speakers are less than 90dB they might be a better choice.
Leafs, what output tubes are you using with your Rogue? KT88s? Have you done any tube rolling(outputs or otherwise) with either the stereo or monoblock amps? I found the amp pretty cold and sterile sounding with 6550s. Are you using Coincident speakers and cables? Thank you very much.