Best of Audiogon Members

Gold member "audiogoners" who have most advanced your knowledge of AUDIO/MUSIC with their posts and answers (yet have no commercial interest), members who have taken their precious time to answer your emails and more, members who make this site what it is,........the BEST AUDIOGONER'S.
I'll start with a couple with many to follow: Golden_ears, Ceol, Tireguy, Rlips.....
Twl, Albertporter,Tireguy, Trelja, Sean, Swampwalker, Lugnut and of course-Slappy!
Any number, but I would nominate Sdcampbell for, if nothing else, his tutorials on jazz.
Gunbei, Sean, Tireguy, Albertporter, Twl, Lugnut, Trejla, SdCampbell, Sogood51, Jax2, Nrchy, Lakefrontroad, Eldartford, jeeze the list could go on & guys have all provided me with a plethora of information that is useful to me now and will be useful in the future also.

but the gold medal should go to Slappy!
I have only been around for a little more than a year, but this is a really nice community to be in with lots of great members. I completely agree with Tireguy on this one

I would like to mention Marco (Jax2) for his great music recommendations.

TWL and Dougdeacon for their great posts on analog.

And Howard (Boa2) and Warren (warrenh) for their great recomendations.

And of course Gunbei, Ellery, Albertporter, Sean, Lugnut, Rushton, Decay, Slipknot1, Elisabeth, Slappy and all the others I forgot to mention.