Best of XLR cable?

I have just heard Kimber KS-1136 and that is my number one cabel for me so far.I never heard Nordost Valhala so Kimber is the one.I transformed my system to something I never expected to happen.My system is Meridian 808.2i,Sroll Lyric(best buy I have ever done)Tannoy Canterbury.
I got me one of them there 808-i2's. Just got mine a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I already had the Tara--Zero. When I put the Zeros in play I could hardly believe how much difference a cable could make.
I use the dac/pre functions then straight to the amp. in balanced form of course.
I own Valhalla and Siltech Gen.5. Both are great and expensive cables. It depends on your budget. There are many lower cost products out there the compete with the best, however.
The "best" XLR cable is MarkerTek Pro using Canare Star Quad cable silver soldered to Neutrik connectors!

Very cheap but "pro" quality!
Many expensive XLR cable assemblies do not use "true" balanced cables, only three single end cables.

A "True" balanced cable has the + and - wires contained "within" a shield (ground).