Best one box CDP, Got it short listed to Four

I've been shopping for a new CD Player. Have narrowed it down to a couple tough choices. My musical tastes are rock, pop, some jazz.

Electrocompanient EMC1UP
Audio Aero Capitole MkII
Accuphase DP-75V
MF Nuvista 3CD

Can anyone give me some advice which would work best for my listening preferences.

I would also add Marantz to the list...the SA-14. I have been very involved in audio for 40 years, and this unit is one of the biggest surprises that I have come by. It is an unbelievable steal on the used market.

I have owned Levinson 390S and Wadia 850 and Accuphase 65. Any of these should be considered. They aree all quite nice with the Levinson at the top of this list
Go listen to them...the players themselves that is, not the subjective comments from people who have not heard all of them.
Do you think that the DP-75v out performs the DP-77 and the DP-85 on reebock CDs?