Best Option To Liquidate CD Collection

The process to rip my cd collection to hard drives is almost
complete. Now I want to sell the entire collection of appx.
800 discs. A nice mix of genres, some originals, some remasters, a few box sets, some with dvds
Has anyone had good success doing this in bulk? Of course
pricing is always the sticking point.
Amazon apparently has a plan to warehouse the discs and ship for you. Anyone tried that?

Wrong again, Blueskies! Sorry!

If you give away the CDs you also give away the license you have to listen to the copies that you made when you ripped them to your hard drive.

Think of it this way: if you buy a ticket to see a concert, you cannot make a perfect copy of that ticket, sell the original ticket, and use the copy to gain admission to the concert. And whether you sell the original ticket or give it away really makes no difference.

And just like a CD, you can make a copy of the ticket, or you can sell (or give away) the original ticket--you just can't do both.

Hope that helps...
Now I know why my uncle Vinny always tells me to have people meet me under the bridge with the money in a brown paper bag and not tell anyone. At this point, Blueskiephd, I think you should just go down to your nearest FBI office and turn yourself in. Something tells me that if you so much as walk out your front door with a CD in hand, the SWAT team will take you out.

Since your concern is storage space, keep the CD's by taking them out of the cases and store them in the below linked Aluminimum hard case that can hold 900 CD's. Take the plastic CD cases to the local library, my library was very appreciative when I brought them in.
For OOP CDs it doesn't matter at all.
They're not generating an income neither for record companies nor for artists. They're only in the used collectible market. Feel absolutely free to copy and then sell as long as you don't share/sell your files.
Make sense?
For other than OOP, care only about Audiogon Police Department LOL!
So what I am hearing is every person that has an issue with the sale of CD's that were copied to a hhd system have NO music they do not themselves own the original source it came from? Dam I should delete all that rap or any other music my kids own that is on MY music server. Also do not forget to delete any music your children have on your system when they move out if the above is not observed.
What about all those CD's I purchased early on that the foil separated from the plastic. The record company's never gave me new product or my money back. I even wrote them letters about it and got not replies. If the record companies are not honest ....