Best Pc for audio?

Hello, i want to know your thought about the best computers brand for audio purposes. You rather using a laptop, a mac or a desktop?
Not up too Roon yet. Though the majority approves. Still into purchasing physical format at the present.  

There is no definitive sound, or equipment that conquers all. Whatever draws one too the music is what matters. 


Post is old and some things have changed. Mac is more consistent and performs well,  but I have found with a well rounded PC that it still slightly outperforms mac.  
I am currently using a laptop with no extra programming dedicated to music, it has a new gen I5 with 12gb ram and a tb ssd, I use Foobar 2000 (used it for years and know it inside and out).  I've had a few Mac's on my system, but my well spec'd PC machines are where I'll stay unless other things develop. I've not tried roon
Once again your mileage may vary. Still using my MacBook Pro manufactured mid 2011 for all needs. Haven’t went to ssd yet. I’d rather buy a respectable PC or upgrade a component.  The original hard drive is still chugging along. Remarkably. 

Only one OS update hindered my laptop. All runs well now. Hey. If your set up works. That’s all that matters.