Best Pc for audio?

Hello, i want to know your thought about the best computers brand for audio purposes. You rather using a laptop, a mac or a desktop?
easy to use, fun, reliable, built in firewall, fun.

the commercials are so real it is not even funny.
I'm with Buff! I use an iTouch as a remote for iTunes and love it. Solid hardware with solid support. The jury is out on sonics, but in the meantime their seamless hardware is hard to beat.
I am using a MAC Book Pro computer with iTunes. The MAC has 4 GB RAM and the 120GB solid state drive. I have the Seaport Free Agent Go Pro 500GB external hard drive to store my music files (a 2nd one for backup). The MAC is connected to the Furman AC-215 power conditioner. The Furman is required so the MAC does not interfere with the audio components. See I have about 75 CD's loaded into my MAC Book Pro computer and many more to go. It takes between 3 to 5+ minutes per CD using the AIFF format. This is a very boring time consuming process.
MacMinis rip quickly into AIFF. Small footprint. I agree with all the Mac guys above despite my wireless integration issues you can find in an earlier thread.

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