Best Pc for audio?

Hello, i want to know your thought about the best computers brand for audio purposes. You rather using a laptop, a mac or a desktop?
We have tried both PCs and Macs, during the development of our latest product. All the Macs were spot on. The PCs went all over the map. Everything from "This sounds great" to "Are you sure that this thing isn't broken?" Same unit, same sound system, highly variable results when using a PC.

Wish I could afford a Mac.
I think sound quality is not an issue. Mac or PC can be equal there. IMMHO i thinks it's all about skills with a PC. If you want to take the time to learn whats required you can save your self a boat load of money. Mac's are "Plug & Play" and you will pay for it too.

I went with a Mac Mini, the cheapest model and used an old monitor and keyboard. Plugged in my old windows formatted my Seagate external drive and it was up and running in 10 minutes.
I agree. Mac Mini with ipod itouch. Can't beat IMO. Rip using AIFF Encoder (error correction on) and be done with it.
I'm going to toss my vote in for PC. I have used mac and PC both equally and extensively. Going foward you will have more options by sticking with PC as you can use mp3's more trouble free and transfer songs to other devices easier because with Apple, once you start usin their stuff you kind of have to stick with it for life or else you mind find their library system and aac files give you hassles on non Apple stuff.

A PC with a decent soundcard (m-audio) will provide great flexibility.
A group of us (over 20 audiophiles) have found that the Mac Mini sonically prevails above other offerings, PC or MAC. Of course, the sonic differences do vary as compared to different PCs (there are so many variations!) and the Mac's overall sonic advantage can be fairly small, but, the Mini has turned out to be the clear cut choice for each and every one of us. BTW: The MAC Mini also works amazing well when put into an audiophile rack along side of other audiophile components - due to it's unique square small shape and size. Based on the footprint, you'd swear Apple designed it for high end audio use (which they didn't). Bottom line, if having the "best sounding computer solution" is your ultimate goal, then it's very hard to go wrong with the MAC Mini solution.