Best Phono Cartridge for VPI Titan Turntable

I realize this is somewhat subjective, however, if cost was really not a limitation what cartridge would you purchase. My VPI Titan has the Fatboy tone arm. 



I’ve got all audio research stuff… so maybe we are looking for a similar sound. There’s a place to put your system and venue if you plan on hanging around. It is really useful for us to make informed recommendations and you don’t have repeat your components.

Lyra Kleos on my VPI 3d reference gimbaled arm I really enjoy it.

+1 test pilot Lyra Atlas.

The Hana Umami was also suggested when I purchased my VPI.






I bought the VPI HW-40 and had them mount the Ortofon Candenza Black. Love the results so far. 

@palmbeachflorida I live close to you and have the same "cost is no object" approach. I have a setup with Kotesu Blue Lace, Soundsmith Hyperion MK II, Soundsmith Sussurro MK II, mounted on Durand Tosca and Sound Acoustic TA-7000. I am out of the country at the moment but will be back in about a month and would invite you to come and test it so you can hear for your self.


I'm in Fort Lauderdale.