Best Phono Stage

Hi all,

I need some advise on a really good sounding phono stage to go with MC turntable set up in the $5k or so bracket. I am completely new to vinyl and realise there a lot here in terms of arm/cart matching MC,MM and I think moving iron but if you could point me in the direction of some good sounding units I can investigate compatibility etc. I don’t own a table or cart yet. I was looking at the Zesto Audio 1.2.

My goal is a liquid engaging sound with deep tight bass and air and separation on top.

Thanks in advance.



You're gonna get lots of good info here about high-quality products that suit each of our own personal preferences. For instance, I love my Rogers PA-2 which you could get used for about 5k. I'd strongly encourage you to find a couple local audio shops and go and listen to stuff and see what you like sd it might not be what I like or someone else on here likes. I guess what I'm saying is take what you find on here and find places to go listen. 

Aesthetix Rhea Signature Phono Stage is strong contender. Used would be in your price range. 

As a newbie I went through a few phonostages from $1200-$2000 and am glad I did for the experience. My phono upgrades have been my favorite upgrade. I landed on a Allnic H-3000 and am at my endgame phono unless I hit the lottery. Buy used and do lots of research. 

Spending $2k-$3k is jus money down the drain. You’ll need to spend $15k, minimum, on a phono pre just to get into the minimum required performance from any cart/arm. Spending less is just a leap into the rabbit hole.