Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200

Tube or SS, doesn't matter. Just want to know the best you've heard/owned.


Ear 834P, Graham Slee Era Gold V, pro-ject Tube Box DS2, Tavish Design The Classic (NOS tubes installed), and lastly, the Musical Fidelity Lx Lps...amazing sound for what it costs, even comes with loading plugs....I own all of the above in my current stable/stash...

I've heard great things about the Tavish Adagio

phono. I admit I haven't heard it but I almost 

bought one. 

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I had the musical surroundings nova 3 with the linear power supply. That runs just about 2200. I wanted to go tube so I moved to a Rogers PA-2 which I'm very happy with but is much more expensive. The Nova 3 sounds ded way better that the Pro-ject tube box DS I have in my second system.