Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP

What is your favorite recording of Pink Floyd?
Mine are as follows:
MFSL: Dark Side of the Moon
MFSL: The Wall
5.1 New Release (SACD) of DSOTM
i saw that lp box set upper
was talking about 497.bks!

I am a big fan ,there all great! My sister gave me Atom Heart other and Wish you were here and zep 4 on 8 track in 75’ ( i was 8 :-) ) but if i had to choose i just frikin’ love Animals.Probly heard wish you were here the most. Seen them a few time back in the 80s or early 90s( 1st set opened with astronomy donomy). Water shows are always great doing The Wall.I saw the pros and cons of hitching tour way back too
I finally got lined up several copies of DSOM on vinyl at a time. I only keep in my personal shelves the original version, but would definitely consider not selling 30th anniversary edition...

The hierarchy of best DSOM sound is as follows:

1. 30th anniversary edition is unbeatable! 
2. Original Harvest triangle label
3. A capital 80's re-issue vinyl
4. MFSL re-issue

According to my experience MFSL DSOM isn't best by far far. It's substantially lower quality vs. original Harvest label and very far away from 30th anniversary edition. In fact what drives me away from enjoying MFSL is feeling of sound from "barrel" with voices and instruments far away from real.


Try out a first pressing UK Quad version of DSOTM.  Your hierarchy will change.
I have a japanese pressing of animals on cd.....its pretty good.   I have the Blu ray audio version of wish you were here and it sounds excellent