Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP

What is your favorite recording of Pink Floyd?
Mine are as follows:
MFSL: Dark Side of the Moon
MFSL: The Wall
5.1 New Release (SACD) of DSOTM
meddle (jpn pressing) and obscured by clouds (orig UK harvest) are my favs. although animals is pretty good, too.

mattcone, you list the MFSL dsotm...if you are refering to the lp you should give the new emi release a listen. I thought it much better than the mfsl I had. I found the newer pressing much less compressed througout the range with more relaxed, musical presentation. For me it was a no brainer, especially with the mfsls commanding the prices they do in teh collectors markets.

yup,count me in for ANIMALS,i love the song "pigs 3 different ones" but my dog hates it :)
can you go wrong with ANY pink floyd?

I was told by an audiophile retailer that there are some german recordings that are 'by far' the best pink floyd ever pressed. he sold LPs but he didn't sell these. That's all i remember...'german pressings.' oh yeah, and i remember he said they go for a couple hundred bucks when you can find them.
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