Best Pink Floyd recording CD or LP

What is your favorite recording of Pink Floyd?
Mine are as follows:
MFSL: Dark Side of the Moon
MFSL: The Wall
5.1 New Release (SACD) of DSOTM
I know the one you are thinking of. 11 LPs, black cover, green EKG trace going across the front ala DSOTM. That's not the one I was thinking of. I'll look into it some more and see what i can find.
I have orginal UK import Harvest vinyl copies of both Meddle and Atom Heart Mother and Meddle is simply amazing sonically and musically. Atom is also better than the remastered CD. It's the spatial quality to Meddle during the heavy beat section with Dave's soaring guitar that makes it special.
I have not been ignoring this question, I just haven't thought to look when I was at home. I even spent some time listening last night, and totally forgot to check. The boxset has the original covers, but also has a sticker in the center of each cover that is a little brighter and clearer than the original. On the outside of the box a circle is cut into it that shows the sticker of the LP that is on the end, if that makes any sense.

It's a great box set, sorry for not having an answer yet! I suck!
I checked last night and the set says '97 Vinyl Pink Floyd.' I have only seen it one other time on Ebay so maybe it's not very common, but if you can get yer grubby little mits on it, I would suggest buying it!