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I'll start by saying I hate buying audio new.  Many dealer margins are 50%, almost all 40% or more.  I especially dislike buying cables new.  I think I have maybe one or two I purchase new in my system.  I'm constantly looking on A'Gon for cables ( I need speaker cables) and any place else I can think of.  Anyone have any other sites they can suggest?  I've looked on but their prices are absurd.  Most of the stuff they have is YEARS old.  They're selling AQ speaker cables that were released in 2004 at 50% of their new price.  To me, anything that old is scrap.  I might entertain amps/preamps of that vintage but never digital (it's like buying a ten year old PC) and rarely cables.
I haven't found another good site (Audiomart is mostly an overlap of A'Gon) but I thought I'd ask.
Thanks in advance.
I bought everything on Audiogon but it took a lot of time and patience. Some cables you will never find used though, so I had to buy two pairs of interconnects new, but the prices were good even if still quite high.
I will be patient. is the site I referenced selling 10+ year old cables at basically what dealer cost was then. Seriously?
I saw a couple that might do the trick there then looked up vintage and saw they were near decade old. That’s 2 or 3 generations. Like I said, only thing worse is buying old digital. Yes, it might sound OK but tech has changed so much a 10 year old DAC is like buying a PC with a 4 generation old Intel chip.
I usually find something suitable but sometimes it's a wait.  I wanted an amp platform and had to wait months before a nice Finite Elemente hit the market.

Thanks for the responses.
@ihmeyers -- while I agree that prices are not competitive I think you are 100% off base in ruling out 10+ year old cables. There's not really truly anything new in cable design and at the right price a 10-15 year old cable can be a great deal. Consider the following examples

Nordost Valhalla V1 -- now 15 years old, but still a good cable in the right application and holds its value in the market very well (and didn't I see someone searching for Nordost SPM just a few weeks ago)

Audioquest WEL Signature -- this is still a current cable, but it was introduced in 2007 or so, and while the color and terminations have changed over the years it's still the same cable (and my system reference for interconnect) -- in fact if you ever see AQ Horizon it's even older but still the same cable (the name was used for a short while when the cable was first introduced)

Synergistic CTS -- again 10 years old but still a good series

I could go on but you get the idea

My rule of thumb (when buying or selling) is used cables should be 40-50% of list if <1-2 years old (and current model) and 30-40% if 5-10 years, maybe cheaper if older and/or not desirable

Note there are some exceptions for especially unobtanium cables like Transparent Ref XL digital which owners hang onto, in these cases you may need to pay 60% of list or even more ...
To be honest, I didn't even read past the OP's header. Taking a look at shows some that fits the OP complaint but others that don't. You're not going to know until you try and when you do, you might find yourself paying a bit more than what you want to get what you want.

Otherwise, you might end up with a pig-in-a-poke. 

All the best,
Old vs newer cables is a more complicated subject. There have been improvements in cables designs and manufacturing. This doesn't mean that one should dismiss all 10-20 years old cables, no. I use 20 years old speaker cables, 15 years old power cords, one and two years old interconnects. 
Cable co is total crap with very high prices and 0 customer service.I once tried to buy something from them they have 1 guy who is always on the phone and he will call you back maybe, a big joke.
Dude way out of line, your feelings towards dealers and margins is totally off, if we were making a consistant 30% on all transactions we would be lucky.

You miss the point of business it is not the profit made on one sale but the total profit left after you have taken off all of your costs.

So even if we made 30% on a transaction, you lose 3% for credit card paypal. So now you are down to 27% add in freight in for an order and you may lose another 1-2%.

Factor in the cost of rent, salaries, insurance, demo gear, loses on discontinued gear, internet costs, advertising costs what do you think is left?

Guys like you bemoan there are no places left to audition and take care of you when your component or system doesn't sound right but you refuse to allow a dealer to support his or her family and keep the lights on.

I wonder what you do? If someone said you are being paid too much and you deserve to make a fraction of what you make houw you would feel?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ

Don't buy from dealers especially the ones that always have something to say on Audiogon DUDE!!!!!!
If you know what you are looking for and
This is good for audio components too
You can sort it by region ,country, newest first, lowest price ..etc
The filter looks like an antenna , on the right side of the page .
It might default to hidden .

Dave and Troy
1. I wasn’t implying that was dealer profit margin. I know how to calculate a P&L. Been doing that for two decades now.

2. Dealer discount IS correct. Most lines 40% off, some 50%. Those in demand slightly less. REL is about 1/3. Same with Audeze. I have close friends that are dealers. If you have cash sometimes you can buy current stuff at 60% off if manufacturer needs capital.

3. Dealers SHOULD make money. God Bless America we are capitalists. What I can’t stomach is a dealer acquires right to sell XYZ Speakers Inc line. Has 1 demo pair of XYZ reference speakers he bought at 50% from manufacturer. Inventories no other pairs. Sells to public at maybe 10 off. You tie up money in inventory, you deserve to make your margins. It’s called return on capital. BUT if you stock nothing and order the pair from manufacturer AFTER securing $$$ from the customer, in my mind you should make 10-15% on that deal. I’m sure you will disagree, that’s just my opinion. OTOH, I am financial professional with 25 years in the business. I know what a market rate of return is.
4. It’s a tough business. Guys now are trying to make a living. Previous iteration of shops built generational wealth from selling high end audio at crazy margins. See Lyric, Sound By Singer, Stereo Exchange. It’s tough to be a brick & mortar these days. My comments meant as no disrespect. I don’t bemoan that there is no place left to audition. You don’t even know me, how can you say that. Haven’t auditioned gear in a shop in almost 20 years. Dealers I know let me home audition sometimes, but mostly I buy based upon reviews and comments from those whose opinions I respect. Most times it works out fine and I like it when I receive it. Sometimes not which is why I buy used/demo primarily and I will trade out at a loss if I make a mistake. PS Audio Amp. Bought demo cheap. Liked it, didn’t love it. Sold it 9 months later at slight loss. Bought Synergistic Black Box Cheap. Like, don’t love. May or may not sell. Bought Synergistic Atmosphere XL at 55% off. Love it. Keeper. Cost of admission.

Wish you guys best of luck. Sincerely.
You do not peruse eBay??
Best cable bargains I have ever had have been found there. And that's a lot btw.
Yes, yes I know there are a lot of fakes too but they are usually pretty easy to spot with an ounce or two of common sense.
I look at eBay.  I guess you have been luckier than I have.  With the 10% fee ebay charges sellers (plus the 3.5% PayPal fee) it's tough to find anything cheap.  I know I only sell there when I have to.
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Sometimes I have not found what I am looking for right away but nearly always eventually.
If in a rush then yes might not work out that day for sure.
And just avoid the dealers!
Most private sellers who like myself just sell their older cables once they upgrade are more willing to cut a deal on price.
Never be afraid to message them and ask!
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ihmeyers OP
I look at eBay. I guess you have been luckier than I have. With the 10% fee ebay charges sellers (plus the 3.5% PayPal fee) it's tough to find anything cheap. I know I only sell there when I have to.

>>>>But we’re not talking about selling on eBay, we’re talking about buying on eBay. Hel-loo! It’s a competitive market, a buyers’ market actually. In other words you cannot expect to be successful in this game by artificially jacking up the price to make up for eBay and PayPal fees. Repeat, it’s a buyers market. 
I think the OP was inferring that cables are not cheap on eBay for us to buy as sellers add on 13% to try and make up the fees.
This maybe the case for some dealers but I have definitely not found this to be true from the true private sellers.
As you very rightly say it is a buyers market period right now!

Just last night I purchased a pair of 4m long Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables, these are current and list at $1559 for 4m length.
Seller had them listed at $499... I bought and did not pay even that as eBay were having one of their 15% of everything promo nights so I actually only paid $434 shipped...for a pair of near $1600 retail cables.

Now if you are looking for an exact make, model of cable you may have to just keep looking and if you cannot wait then eBay is not the place to be, me I do not have much more to do with my time whilst listening to music than to scour fleabay, craggylist and Agon!

Guess that's why I am always broke!
Yes, I know what he was trying to say. And pointed out why he was wrong. Maybe you missed it. I’ve been a Top Seller for many years.
No, I think you missed the part where I agreed with you, likely such an unusual event it did not compute!

And as for Top Seller, right back at ya!
Since the dark ages when eBay did not even have pictures.

Oh sorry its not a strut your stuff topic, my apologies, on with the show boys and girls, nothing to see here.
I agree that E-bay is a good source for deals on cables. Buyer must know product lines however.
Mind Ebay, as discussed earlier is maybe not the best place for sellers of cables unless you truly are just trying to get rid of your older cables from an upgrade and not too worried about fetching top dollar IN YOUR POCKET.
Approx 13% commission once ebay and paypal have done with you but it is a worldwide marketplace so thats the trade off right there, millions of potential shoppers.
I really like buying and selling right here on Audiogon to fellow audiophiles but in reality it has nowhwere close to the potential market.
So you pays your money and takes your choices.