Best place to consign classical LPs in NYC?

At my storage space in NYC I've got a collection of 1000 pristine classical LPs spanning 1950s-1980s and am considering selling them on consignment.

Can anyone recommend a shop that sells on consignment, and is trustworthy and fair?

Having just visited NYC and shopped for records i would be surprised to see anyone who had the space to place 1,000 lps into their stock.You got selling as a lot,making a list and selling on line,doing a Craigslist ad and dealing with the unwashed weirdos and you have the Princeton Record Exchange.I was just there and i have to say that the stock really was in poor shape.They could use the records for certain,whether they want or care is another thing.You have to sell the idea to them and take them out there.Make sure your records ARE pristine AND valuable first.I run into lots of people who walk the walk but the records don't talk the talk.
Check out located in the UK,you might find this site interesting and it might give you a realistic barometer on value.First thing i would do is have someone with some knowledge evaluate your collection.Might cost you a few hundred dollars but will benefit you in the long run.Good Luck.
Thanks for your replies!

Jazzcourier, how would I go about finding an expert to value my collection?