Best place to live for good quality power

For those of you who have traveled around the world with your hi-fi, what have you learned about where to live for the best power?

- Dense city but right near a substation

- Or far from a substation is ok, as long as few houses on the grid (rural)?


Some of you are into batteries, but lets talk about how location affects power.

thanks in advance



Might be a stupid question from lack of knowledge on function. All the people who are running battery power for clean low noise sources. Does the power not vary or degrade as the battery powers down? I look at a flashlight that gets dimmer and dimmer as the battery gets weaker. What am I missing here. Not being sarcastic would really like to know.

@sgreg1 Fancy modern battery power supply (like "Jackery") has regulators and complicated circuit that keeps that from happening. Because they are designed to power digital circuits, the power must be tightly regulated. But the true affect on audio is known only to the users. (I dont have one)

Interesting responses.

Seems physical infrastructure is most important. A rural location with rusty spider-web equipment that technicians have put decades of bandaid solutions on which will catch the forest on fire probably sound worse than a dense city with a new supply. Or maybe finding just the right location in the world with vintage power company gear gives you the right sound lol. possibly.


I live a few blocks from a substation in a major city. I guess it's excellent because on these heatwaves, the system turns into a $100 clock-radio. When the heatwave subsides, the 3D psychedelic rainbow returns. I can't imagine if I was stuck with that bad power ugh. 




@mapman does seem to verge on the edge of one, doesn’t it? ;)

I’m within .5 mi. of a major area hospital whose power consumption has to be my power consumption must resemble a mosquito on the neck of Godzilla. ’Dirt level’, considering the MRIs’ and other SOTAstuff they’re running is either nil or off any conceivable chart....

That, and being in a small industrial clot, I’d assume that during the day...’blotto’.
At night, when most of my ’listening’ (serious or otherwise) is done is acceptable.

And, since I wear aids in my ears (unless ’headphoned’ and eq-corrected)....I can’t hear dog whistles or pin drop impacts either...

There’s a cell tower within 50 yards as well.....

So, class....’Yours uncoolly’ and those about here are so submerged in RFI, EMI, auto & truck ignition racket that concerns over the THD of line volts is likely the least of my concerns.....keeping the AC part of the HVAC up ’n running, Yes.

Not trying to be snarky ’bout it, y’all.... but ..🤷‍♂️

first define quality.


The vast majority of issues we ensure are noise related.


Noise comes nto from the service provider but from equipment operating on the grid, often right in your neighborhood. I'm talking to you air conditioner, or the millions of capacitor input power supplies not-so-gently clippng the opts off waves and delivering back emf into the power network.

So its us.  And its a question of time - what hour? What day? what season?


Get a good filter. And honestly, not all equipment does an equally good job of rejecting noise.