Best Place to order cd`s

looking for somewhere beside amazon
In addition to Amazon, you might try:

These three sites typically run 10% off sales at holidays (e.g. Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.).
Before getting a membership with Spotify, I used to go to the public library. I would take home 20 at a time to burn on my hard drive. Spotify and MOG offer about 30 million songs each, most at cd quality or just below. My wife and I pay ten bucks a month. Can play on my iPhone iPad etc right into my car or home system. Do you have computer based or online service?
I like Elusive Disc, Acoustic Sounds, CDJapan, CD Universe and Presto Classical.
I like the above also but I have had no trouble with amazon and often shipping is free.
Toddnkaya, you do realize that what you were doing with the library CDs is illegal, don't you?

Are you seeking a particular benefit relative to Amazon: Price, selection, audiophile SQ, etc?

It might be easier to make a recommendation if I knew where Amazon was leaving you short.


BTW, I'll second MOG - a great resource, tho not physical CDs.
Amazon I buy almost every week, I just paid $6.00 including shipping for two Tori Amos albums, CD used sometimes cost 1cent or 25 cents I can't believe sometimes the deals I get, and yes copy from library is illegal, if we all do that I am sure that no records company will be any longer producing anything, I am student full time and still pay for my music I think we all should,
Nothing for free in this world even an smile cost nothing and sometimes is hard for many to give it away!
At the moment I am having great luck using Amazon finding Decca and original London pressins. I would advice emailing sellers first. And asking questions about any disc you are interested in.Many sellers on Amazon are not very knowledgable about they'er items. And could send you something other then what is posted. A typical move on some sellers part is to send a generic CD in place of an XRCD and telling you that they had no idea there was a difference.
I have had success with off the run independent bands at CDbaby. Also, I have ordered from Amazon UK before. Sometimes EU releases are earlier than the U.S.and you can pick up used EU cd's cheaper than the U.S editions.
Acoustic Sounds
Music Direct
Elusive Disc
CD Universe

Happy Listening!