Best Place to order cd`s

looking for somewhere beside amazon
Amazon I buy almost every week, I just paid $6.00 including shipping for two Tori Amos albums, CD used sometimes cost 1cent or 25 cents I can't believe sometimes the deals I get, and yes copy from library is illegal, if we all do that I am sure that no records company will be any longer producing anything, I am student full time and still pay for my music I think we all should,
Nothing for free in this world even an smile cost nothing and sometimes is hard for many to give it away!
At the moment I am having great luck using Amazon finding Decca and original London pressins. I would advice emailing sellers first. And asking questions about any disc you are interested in.Many sellers on Amazon are not very knowledgable about they'er items. And could send you something other then what is posted. A typical move on some sellers part is to send a generic CD in place of an XRCD and telling you that they had no idea there was a difference.
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Elusive Disc
CD Universe

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