Best place to sell high end audio equipment?

I have a bunch of equipment that I am not using anymore that I am looking to sell and am wondering where everyone posts there stuff? I have throw things up on Craigslist, eBay, US Audio Mart and Audiogon, just wondering what other sites are out there, since im trying to offload this stuff as quick as possible. Equipment includes things like:

McIntosh Amps

McIntosh PreAmps Tube and Digital

McIntosh Speakers

LOTS of AudioQuest Cables

Although I have not bought and sold a lot of equipment, I have always found Audiogon to be a good website for the purpose. A couple of caveats, however. I do not like their new visual format. Entering the information in order to sell something can be tedious. And the email notifications from prospective buyers often seem like weekly e-letters that get lost in the shuffle. But I have had success selling everything that I have listed without too much effort.