Best place to tell what/when reissues are released

Hi all-
I listen mostly to vinyl.Unfortunatley it can be expensive, particularly rare lps. I have purchased a few rare/expensive lps only to realize a few weeks later they are to be reissued for a fraction of the cost I paid for them. Yes, there is a market for original pressings, but reissues can be far less expensive, and occationally sound better. My question is this: where is the best place to determine what future re-releases will be coming down the pipe? For example, Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie sells for over $300 on ebay. But if its reissued, it will go for about $35. Thanks
Take a look at They seem to be right on top of most of the Rock type reissues that seem to be coming hot and heavy,right and left,week after week.There are some discount mail order houses that offer vinyl as well, and Blowitoutta latter two have spotty stock and never order anything on backorder as it will be thrust into the black hole of cyberspace only to appear months later.Also,make sure you have a decent return policy for any vinyl purchased,and as we get into the summer time Media mail is a less advisable option as things go slow and can simmer in hot trucks or even rail cars that move the mail at less than priority shipping rate.
Goodwill is always a fun option for patient and adventuresome vinyl pursuits.
SS Direct is very good. They always identify original pressings vs. reissues. But they are expensive.
One suggestion is to subscribe to,, and newsletters.