Best Place/Way To Sell My CD Collection?

Sorry if this is a little off topic for this forum but I'm about to sell my CD collection, roughly 1000 CD's, and I'm looking for input on the best way to take this task on. I'm guessing many of you have either done this already or considered it, any thoughts? I'd prefer to do it as a lot rather than one/two at a time, seem doable?
Hi Richard.

A compromise way of selling them, after pulling any "audiophile gems," might be in lots of 10 or so, organized by lots of artist, genre, etc. I've bought this way, and I'm guessing the yield might go as high as 5-6$ a disc, for the interesting stuff.

The donation/tax deduction route might be attractive; I'm guessing you could claim, on average, more than you could sell for, and "fair value" times your effective rate might make an attractive proposition. You'd want to know the cutoff after which a donation of goods must be be professionally assessed; I'm guessing 5k, but don't quote me.

On the topic of ripping and reselling, I'm uncomfortable. Not because of loss (I have a duplicate hard drive "off site" at work), but because I feel a little ethically uncomfortable. Not sure what the right thing to say is.

I do have the following rule of thumb: I'm reluctant to let people rip my discs if I suspect that the artist makes less than I do. This counsels against sharing for many of the sort of artists I (and you) like; a fact that, unfortunately, says more about the music biz than my earning power. Doesn't much help with the rip and resell question, though.

I like Channel Orange, btw, though it won't make it into heavy rotation.



I have sold over 10k cd's on ebay . thay are worth more than what you are being told. Large lots (100 or more) of classic rock on ebay sell for between $1 -$1.50 . Individually you should get between 2.5 and up to 6 . Depending on titles . pop music is the bad sellers . Lots of hours listing ans trips to the post office thouh . Low shipping and 1 cent starts is the best method for selling there.
It seems that CD's are closer than ever to becoming obsolete; soon the day will come when they are no longer made. That is the day your CD colletion becomes valuable. Hold on to them or put them in the attic for your kids to discover.
After reading all these responses, which more or less indicate that you could expect to clear MAYBE $1000 if you sell as a lot, why not just keep them ?

No work, no hassle and you don't give away your collection.

Even a 1000 cds don't take up much space.

Putting stuff on eBay with the expectation of maybe $2-5 each ? It is just not worth the effort.

My 2 cents.