Best placement of Speakers

I have a pair of VR5SE my room size is 13 X 17, and a 8.5 ceiling, for speakers of this size which is best for placement to get the best sound. the short wall or long wall
A good start will be on the short wall - the front of the speakers 3 feet out into the room and 5 feet apart (4 feet from side walls). Listening position should be 5 feet from the back wall behind your head and 5 feet in front of speakers. This configuration will be the best compromise and, as you probably already know, a bigger room would let these speakers blossom further.
Short wall set out as far as practical from the wall behind them. This is the best chance of reducing room effects and increasing soundstage depth.
I found best placement using WASP technique. This techniqe yields the most functional placement. The CARDAS method did not work at all for me - so becareful.