Best Power amps in $7000 range

It seems impossible to narrow down all the good choices. I feel overwhelmed because I want to purchase a 300-400w amp in the $7000 range and there are so many options. I want it to be my last power amp purchase for at least the next 20 years. I've considered Bryston, Classe, Mcintosh, and Parasound. This list is compiled of components I can purchase locally. Any thoughts or impressions on any of these? I've heard bryston in the past and thought they sounded kind of bright, it could've been the setup thought. I currently am using a Classe CA-300 and really like it but I want to replace it due to age. I have no experience with parasound or Mcintosh.
McCormack DNA 500. The best SS amp out there under $7000. Lots of PRAT and never runs out of power. Will drive the most difficult speakers. You can pick one up used for under $4000.
Suggest you do some research,you don't need to spend 7K to satisfy your needs.You're just making some fool rich.Amplification is not the most important link in the chain,it begins at the source and works its way down.
Both Classe and Parasound have build issues that are well known..If stayin within your short list..Mac hands down
>>Both Classe and Parasound have build issues that are well known<<

No fooling?

Why don't you elaborate, with specific examples and empirical data, for us instead of shooting your mouth off.