Best power conditioner?

Audience Adept Response, Walker Audio, Running Springs Audio,any other? Have anyone heard the Black Noise Mains Filters?
I haven't seen any mention of Panamax. Mine, in addition to a pair of hi-current outlets has a 400va isolation transformer into which I plug ALL my low current gear. Since I don't run all my low current stuff at once, I never get close to transformer capacity.

I do not use the hi-current outlets for an amp, preferring a separate circuit for that.

When first installed, the effect was startling and positive.
I also had a Panamax 5510 , startlingly good was my feeling . Now it does it's magic on my video stuff .
Weizhi PRS6.
I don't know why but it works so well on my system. Need to feed it with a good power cord. I use TG Black & White 9 AWG