best power conditioners under 4k

Hi folks, i want to buy the power conditioner under 4k demo, what it the best option, any suggestion it good! thanks!!
Richard Gray has been around for decades with various reviews.. I honestly never gave them a second thought as I tried and was generally satisfied with quite a few different brands over the years. Fast forward... a friend of mine who’s ears I trust recently bought a Richard Gray SubStation and raved about the increase in dynamics and the jet-black quieter background/ lower noise floor. So he loaned it to me for a weekend trial and the first five seconds sold me... It was everything he said and more.,.and I had to have my own. It’s not leaving my system and all my “audio buddies” familiar with my system agree. I’ve had it several months and as far as I can tell there are no negatives. Not particularly inexpensive but considering its transformational abilities, worth every penny of it. Good luck. 
An Isotek dealer in my area has a dedicated main power panel for the audio system function, including multiple isolated lines running into each demonstration room.  Even then, with a noise meter plugged into the power, there was plenty of noise on the line.  When the meter was plugged into the Isotek gear, there was either MUCH less noise or no detectable noise.  The audition of music also showed there was a substantial improvement in sound even if there was no actual "noise" that could be detected from the listening position without the conditioning--the sound seemed less artificial and more relaxed (without sounding dull or lifeless) and the soundstage more realistic (soloist seemed to be in a natural space rather than pasted to a spot).
Hi saxaudio1

Don't you love it when you ask a simple question and most of these people don't answer your question? 

If I wanted to buy a power conditioner my 1st choice would be the Shunyata Denali 6000/S v2. They just came out with this new model and two friends of mine bought one and they both had the "older" model and they raved about the older model. They both claim that this newer model is significantly better. One friend owns an Ayre stereo amplifier (I'm not sure which one) that he bought a few years ago and has been very happy with it. He has been upgrading his system in the last few years and has improved his system to the point of where he now now feels the Ayre amp is his weak link. He was planning on upgrading it. He has a very nice system. When he plugged the Ayre amp into the new Denali conditioner he said it was so good that he no longer feels the need to upgrade the amp anymore. The Denali 6000/S v2 retails for $5000.00 which I know is out of your budget but you may want to consider stretching the budget if possible.

The other model that gets tons of great reviews is the Audioquest Niagara 5000, unfortunately this one also sells for $5000.00 but you can find these used all the time for $2500.00 to $3000.00. You may also be interested in the older Denali 6000 model as these are starting to be seen in the used market as well because of the new model.

The cool thing about a conditioner is, when you buy a better preamp, you have improved one piece of equipment, when you buy a power conditioner, you improve every piece of equipment in your system. Pretty cool. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. 

I highly recommend the designs by the guy who started QRT well before the Nordost collaboration. ADD-Powr has product to condition the power and electrical environment that beats anything else out there. Plus, the tremendous audio improvement  for the price is incredible. Check out Wizard and the Sorcer X2 or X4. Price range is $2k - $4k.  
You will not be disappointed.