Best power cord for Audioquest Niagara 1200

Like to upgrade stock power cable. Any suggestions and will it make a difference?


Any power cable you put in your system 

will sound different and will not have a jaw dropping effect no matter which one you pick 

I like the Synergistic Research SR30 for around $400 bucks

Good luck Willy -T

The answer to your second question is "no" so there's no need to answer the first one.

I can add my own experience. I picked up a Niagara 1200 to use with my TV and KEF LS50 Wireless II's. I used stock PC's for the KEF and 1200. I later moved I moved an extra Hurricane source cable from my main system over to the TV system. I put the Hurricane source between the wall and 1200. I feel like adding the Hurricane made as much of a difference to the system as adding the 1200 did.