Best power cord for Audioquest Niagara 1200

Like to upgrade stock power cable. Any suggestions and will it make a difference?


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Try this at PS Audio Marketplace. Because the Niagara cleans the electricity, this is a good option to get maximum power to the conditioner without spending too much. It is a Pangea cord.


You may have to register for the marketplace at PS Audio.

The specs on the Niagara 1200 show max power input is 15 Amps.  This can be handled by regular 14 AWG wiring.  Putting a firehose sized cable between the outlet and the N-1200 will not provide any additional current to the device.  It simply doesn't draw more than 15 amps.  The N-1200 appears to be the only Niagara conditioner without Transient Power Correction, a stored reservoir of current to handle momentary spikes.  However, the majority of amps draw a small amount of power when running.  1 - 3 amps is pretty common.  The chances of needing more than the 15 amp supply going into the N-1200 is remote.  The bottom line is this.  If the N-1200 does what it claims, then any reasonably built cable, 14 or 12 AWG, is going to do the job.  If you have a burning desire to spend $$$$$, buy a much better power conditioner.  IMHO