I need .5 meter whats the best I can get for under 2 bills.Im thinking of Harmonic Technology PRO-AC 11
Hey if you want to have some fun with power cords, try the Edge power cord. I bought a few of these cords through auction and compared them to my MIT Z-Cord II and Kimber Kable(PowerKord). The Edge cords outperformed these cords in all areas. Detail and imaging was improved. The Edge cords are very neutral and musical. In fact you probably get 4 of them for under $200. But don't let the low price fool you, they work excellent and I ended up selling both the MIT Z Cords II and Kimber Power Kords with a lot of extra money left over to buy more CDs.
Definitely go with Powersnakes Sidewinder model which just came out, $280 retail but you can get for under $250 if you do some searching, also would not go with too short a length as this does not improve performance. Cable Co. has them now Also check Powersnakes website for more info on Sidewinder....."get bit by the best"
I have tried power cords up to 500.00 and found that LAT International cords are giant killers. You can buy 2 for 200.00. In my system, the more expensive cords were only marginally better(if at all) Good luck.
I have to agree with the above - there is nothing I've heard the comes close to the Shunyatas. I am using the Mamba (amazing but expensive) and have heard from Caelin Gabriel at Shunyata that the Sidewinder is REALLY close at a list price of less than half that of the Mamba. I would recommend you TRY any cable you are going to buy before you buy it. They will all sound different.