Best power match with Sonus Extrema ?

I am looking for the best power to my new Extremas.
I use PSAudio PWDII and a Macintosh c2200 pre.
I would like to get the most neutral and detailed sound
I tried a few big "names" (Krell, ML, Manley) - no success.
Please let me know your advice.


The Extremas sound best with high powered solid state amps?
Which Krell and Levinson amps did you hear them on?
I would think they would sound good on the Extremas?
I also heard the Extremas with Meridian amps at the Stereophile show in 96.
I heard two 557 amps bridged which were like 600 watts on the Extremas. This system sounded so rich and sweet.
The bass was fast and tight.
I used to own the Extremas and powered them with Mark Levinson 20.6 mono amp. The combo was awesome. I regret selling the Extremas. The person who I sold the speakers uses big McIntosh SS mono amps.
Sorry...for clarity's sake, i meant to type "...the Extrema is quite different from the Stradivari". i was referring to the fact that the Gryphon Antileon and Strad worked very well together. I do think the Extrema is slightly different as with the rest of that generation Sonus Faber. Still think Gryphon would be excellent, but note the differences in the 'voice' of the 2 speakers.