Best Pre-amp for $500??

What kind of fidelity can I get for $500?  I also need a remote and a couple of digital inputs (so need a good DAC) and a few analog inputs?

The Audio Research LS-3 line stage is by far the best used 500.00 line stage made....Forget the remote.....It would be 500.00 extra........
I would look at the MinuDSP 2X8 HD. It's a preamp, DAC and MiniDSP all in one. It sounds great and any remote will work with it.
I would go with George suggestion and get a 5-6 year old $3,000 avr that they are selling for nothing because it has no HDMI instead of paying a ridiculous 70%-80% of new price for a unit that had a 70% mark up to begin with