Best Pre with a built-n phono section?

I’m wondering if there is a preamp out there that has a great built in phono section. Due to space limitations, I’d rather not go the separate pre / phono pre route. Associated equipment: Spectron Musician IIISE MK II amp, Magnepan 3.6 speakers, Electrocompaniet CD Player, Nottingham Ace TT with a Benz Glider H2 cartridge (2.5 mV output.) I would probably need to go SS pre; I could use a tubed pre if the heat out put was minimal. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
I happen to love my Wright WPL-20. All tube including power supply. Little objectionable heat issues. Adjustable gain for phono section. They occasionally come up on the used market as Geaorge died a few years ago. :(
Thank you to all the hunt is on. Is anyone familiar with what Van Alstine offers in terms of a pre w/ phono? They have an excellent reputation for value and build quality, but I wonder what they sound like.