Best preamp combination with Hegel H30?

Hi guys, wondering if you have any experience matching this great amp with the right preamp?
I am considering.
Hegel P30
Classe CP 800
Mcintosh C500
Pass XP25

Your inputs highly appreciated.
My Hegel H30 is gone.  It's a great amp.  It worked beautifully with my Macintosh C1000 and also with my ARC REF6.  I am now using a Pass 350.8 amp and both preamps are great matches.  

Wondering how compares the pass 350.8 vs H30?
I think that both preamps you mentioned are out my realistic budget. But thanks a lot.
Yesterday I tried a PS audio BKH and I was really impressed.
Thank you.


Concerning the Hegel P 30, mentionned at the beginning of this post, there is a very sharp rise in volume around 10 o’clock on the volume, so it can be difficult to set up the volume with accuracy (too low or to loud). furthermore when you push up the volume with the rolling button, you can hear a slight distorsion in the loudspeaker.

The P30 is a good machine, but in my opinion, at its level of price it's not acceptable to have these defects.

Looks like they fixed the P30 defects. I bought one recently and I don’t see any issues.


Fantastic combo with the H30.