Best Preamp For $1200 Used

Am looking for suggestions on best preamp to use with my DAC and Transport for music only. Thank you for your suggestions. Looking to spend around $1200 for mint condition unit. Rick
Find a Threshold T3 - for the money, there is nothing better. Second choice would be a Bryston BP-25. Both have remotes and sound great (the Threshold is better).
A female audiophile has just asked me to sell her Conrad Johnson PV 12L linestage preamp with NOS Mullard tubes and upgraded power cord. Stock retail is $1995- she wants $875. The beauty of this is that you can try it, if it doesn't make magic, you can sell it without loosing money.
Listen,Tweek or whatever else you are.Just shut up,then go to your nearest junk shop and beg for sale there.
I have owned the Adcom,(as well as PS Audio, Quad 33 among others) all were good amps, each with their strengths and weaknesses, however the Audio Researce for build quality and inner detail surpasses all the others that I have owned.) You can pick up one of various models for a reasonable price from many on-line dealers.
If you can tolerate a passive line stage in your system, the Reference Line Preemminance 1a ($600, used)or the Preemminance 2 ($800-900, used) will nail ANY of the preamps listed above. Caution!! will be spoiled for life....but a little less light in the wallet.