Best preamp for atma sphere m60 under $3000 used?

I considered the mp3 and the mp1, one is too expensive the other I will always wonder if I can do better. What preamp will bring me over the top?
I make my purchases very carefully and rarely sell anything, the m60 will not be going anywhere, and I would like to choose a preamp that I can do the same, hold onto for a long long time.
It needs to be balanced and with tubes. Also from a company that has a good reputation. I would welcome a remote too.
I am looking for used and can spend up to $3000.00, but gladly would prefer to spend less. I am open to any brand.
I was wondering what will not be beaten by any other preamp. I really want the mp1, based on what I have read it was preffered to the arc ref3. That's quite a statement.
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Best preamp is usually no preamp:>

Irrespective of the budget, try the Placette passive. The closest to an attenuator without coloring the signal.

No relationship to the vendor!
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Jeff Rowland Capri might work here. However, I have heard the M60s with the MP3 and the combination was excellent. Might be worth sticking with Atma for synergy.