Best Preamp For VAC PHI 300.1

Anyone compare the Allnic 5000 to VAC Signature Mark 2 or Coincident preamp. They all have interstage transformers instead of coupling caps. I now am using an ARC REF 2 Mark 2 and am not happy with the sound. It seems transparent but lean and bright. I would like more warmth and bass weight. I doubt the new ARC REF 5 competes with the above.
VAC Phi Beta - a match made in heaven! There is a great deal on one now if you do an a'gon search.
Any of the VAC preamps should get you what you want. The Signature Mk 2 is a very special piece. Most who own them will not part with them, especially when combined with a VAC amp(s). Easy choice.
JWM- I now have a VAC Signature Mk2a to go with my 2 Phi 300.1s in my system. It will give you what you wanted above, plus lots more.