Best Preamp Match for McIntosh 2255 Power Amp?

I am thinking of upgrading my current Classe CP-35 preamp, and have a $2000-2500 budget. I am not adverse to buying good used stuff, so that's an option.

Any McIntosh 2255 owners out there who have a good experience with a well matched preamp? This may be my last upgrade, so I want to get it right.

ProAc D15 loudspeakers, listening to mostly rock, country, pop and jazz on CD and LP.

Comments, please.
The best match for a a Mac amp is a Mac preamp. They will math exactly in terms of impedance and gain. If you want the Mac sound get a used Mac from the same era or later as the 2255. Trust me, I owned Mac amps and tuners for over twenty years and still have my MR 80.