Best Preamp with Tape In and Tape Out Monitoring Capability

I enjoy Reel to Reel recording thus exploring options for preamps with tape in & out  with monitoring. Would consider tube or solid state. My system is a Pass Labs XA25 amp, Pass Labs XA12 preamp ( no tape in / out) to Pure Audio Project Trio 15 Classic speakers.


I recently researched this very subject. Tape loops are hard to come by these days, but here are few that have it: Higher Pass models - XP-22 and up, BAT preamps, Accuphase (pre and integrated), Luxman.

Solid state Accuphase, tube Atma-Sphere. If you need more tape loops, check out the Sony SB-500.


While I don’t make use of it, my Linear Tube Audio microZOTL 2 preamp has a tape monitor. I also use it with a Pass XA25 power amp.