best premp for a pair of pass aleph 30's?

Recently sold my forte and bought a couple of the pass amps, using on aragon 18k pre right now, paradign studio 60's v3 that are soon to be replaced. Right now music is very guessing from the metal dome tweeters, bass is tight and punchy with the new amps. Considered going to a tube preamp maybe eastern electric. My question is what am I going to gain with the tube pre? Would like to keep the pre ss. Thanks
Absolutely, a Pass preamp for the best synergy. They were designed to go together.
Thanx for the input...any certain pass pre work better for thesebamps and will I be able to run them both in a biamp app?
A Pass Aleph P or Aleph L would work great. I had an Aleph 3 with the Aleph P and the Aleph Ono for over ten years and only sold them to downsize. I would still have them if I had the space.