Best "P" mount cartridge?

Before the laughter sets in, I have to explain that I have the luxury of having two separate two-channel systems in one dedicated listening room in the basement of my home. Each has an analog front end; one being a Pink Triangle/Scorpio/Dynavecto Karat set-up, the other is an '80s circa Technics SL-QL1, direct drive, linear tracking table. The latter takes "P" mount cartridges. It has also been totally modified by an individual who is no doubt known to many of you, and who uses similar tables on his elaborate systems, which include $100,000+ speakers. I am trying to poll all of you with any "P" mount experience, as to which of those cartridges you felt was the best. These little Technics are so far and away superior sounding than anything you can buy for under $15,000 to $20,000, that only hearing them would convince you to take me seriously. Admittedly, although they can be had for under $100 via the internet, and under $25 at yard sales, they do need some toying with to bring out their optimum capabilities.
In any event, I would greatly appreciate your input as to the question at hand. Right now, that is the only factor keeping my unit from maximum performance. Thanks for your patience, as well as your opinions.
The original Sumiko Blue Point, which I still have, was a P-mount; the current version is NOT. Sometimes the original can still be found as NOS.

Also you may occasionally run across as NOS, several of the older Grado cartridges which were available in P-mount versions; and an equivalent of the Stanton 881S.

There was also a Shure P-mount cartridge which will accept the current M97 series stylus, which is quite highly regarded.
Ortofon makes a few p mount cartridges in both mm and mc. I've been eyeing the ortofon OMP10 ($69.95), and upgrading it with the OM30 stylus.
Reylon, I think you are mistaken about the Shure V15Vmr being a P mount cartridge. It does have a removable stylus but that doesn't make it a P mount. Anyway, it is discontinued.